Poached Nectarine

N: Almost any British pub which claims to be traditional will serve poached nectarine in summer with some ice-cream. It is a good way to eat nectarines specially those ones which come with “ripen at home” tag.

– Store the nectarines in a dry warm dark place to soften them up.

– Cut the nectarine into halves and de-seed. This step can be tricky especially if the nectarine is not ripe.  

– Put a pinch of butter and 1 tsp of brown soft sugar in a sauté pan. Heat it up and add a touch of cinnamon.

– Press the flat side of the nectarines on the caramelized butter.  

– Turn down the heat and cover it up. Add a few drops of water. The nectarine will cook in the steam.

– After about 5 mins turn the nectarines. The flat side should be nice and brown by this time. 

– Cook for another couple of minutes.

– Serve the fruit with its flat side up and use the hole left by the seed to hold the caramelized butter. 



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