Ragi crêpes with poached nectarines

N: The cereal is called finger millet in English and Ragi in some parts of India such as Karnataka which is largest grower of ragi in India. I found ragi flour in my friend’s larder and begged her to get me some. The packet says Ragi or red teff – no doubt in an attempt to take advantage of the super food status that teff has been promoted to in the recent years. While teff and ragi belong to the same biological Sub-Family and, hence very similar, they belong to different biological Genus. Teff and Ragi are cousins from Ethiopia and India respectively but they are both gluten free cereals and getting a lot of attention in US and Canada.

Ragi lends itself to a variety of recipes as people have been eating it for hundreds of years. The wikipedia ragi link is a good starting point.

This recipe is a simple crêpe but it is so sweet that we could eat it without any garnishes such as maple syrup. We had it with poached nectarine which was really an added luxury rather than a necessity.

Combine 1/2 cup of ragi 1/4 cup of white flour and 1/4 cup of fine semolina flour with 1 cup of milk and 1 cup of water. Ragi is a robust flour and hence good to use white flour with it rather than wholemeal flour. Soak it overnight to allow for some slow pre-cooking before you start.

– The next day add an egg to the mixture. Add some water if you feel the mixture is too thick.

– Make some crêpes.

Addendum – I tried the same recipe by replacing the white flour with oatmeal.The crepes were sweeter. This has a lower gluten content but to make it completely gluten free I have to work on the semolina.


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