Making a crêpe

This instruction is for making a pancake that has the thickness between a pancake and a crepe. The starting point of this is a cup of flour and 2 cups of liquid. The reference frying pan has 21 cm external diameter with a 15 cm internal base diameter. It should make about 10 crêpes.

– Brush the frying pan with vegetable oil and heat. The pan needs to be very hot – so make sure the oil has a high smoking point.

– I use a very old non stick frying pan. I have tried it with new frying pans but the results have not been that good. So you do need to find your right pan.

– Test the heat by adding a drop of the mixture to the pan. If the pan is sufficiently hot, it should make a sizzling sound and cook immediately.

Now the Fun part – do not be afraid to fail. The more you try the better you get.

– Add about 3 spoons of the batter and rotate the pan so that the mix spreads thinly on the pan and more so on the side of the pan.

– The thin layer on the side of the pan will be very crispy, almost paper like, while the centre will be a bit more substantial.

– Let it cook for a min or two. Turn down the heat if necessary. The mixture changes colour as it cooks. The sides will become golden brown. If it has worked well so far, there will be lots of visible air holes on the cake.

– Gently brush oil at the side of the pan. The oil will trickle down between the pan and the cake and prevent the cake from becoming too friendly with the pan.

– Time to toss over and gently fry the other side for a minute or two.

– Fold and stack high.



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