Wild rice with apricots and spinach

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[N]: This salad is inspired by a combination of two salad recipes from two of my favourite chefs Ottolenghi and Nigel Slater. I have tried both their original recipes and while they are extremely delicious they are a bit too expensive for my everyday cooking. I have also tried to incorporate protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and nuts in the salad to make it a more complete meal. It is currently one of our lunch box favourites.

This is a recipe for two and takes about 40 mins.

The carbohydrate and the protein in the salad comes from wild rice and lentils. You can either use the well famed French puy lentil or its less known cousin French style Canadian lentil. The latter is slightly cheaper than the former but works equally well. As you may well know these French style lentils do not lose shape on cooking and hence perfect…

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