Urban broccoli ripassati


[N]: I love broccoli and generally it is a staple in our weekly grocery. One of our regular favorites is broccoli and sweet pepper pasta so when I saw this recipe I had to try it. I absolutely loved the idea of making a pesto style sauce with the broccoli and when I tried it we were glad I did.

Ripassati in Italian means double fried and you can read all about that in this beautifully written recipe. In my infinite wisdom I had to add some red pepper, tomato and beans to spice it up. This takes a little bit more time than the broccoli pasta but the end results are well worth the time. This recipe is for 2 adults.

The first 10 mins is spent on chopping a large broccoli into medium sized florets, one red pointed sweet pepper into thin stripes and one ripe tomato into chunks.

The next 10 mins is spent on boiling the broccoli and sautéing the red pepper and the tomato. I also added some cannelloni beans (1/2 cup as dried beans) that I had cooked earlier in the week.

The broccoli should be boiled in well salted water until it is tender.

While the red pepper is cooking prepare some minced garlic from 4 to 6 cloves of garlic. Once the red pepper and tomato is softened keep it aside and allow it to rest.

Add about 3 tbsp of olive oil to another saute pan and heat it. Add the garlic and few red chillies to the oil and fry them for a few minutes. Then add the boiled broccoli to the oil. Use a fork to break the broccoli into very small pieces allowing it to soak up the flavours. The texture should resemble a grainy pesto.

Meanwhile boil some penne pasta for about 8 mins. If you have fished out the broccoli you can use the same water. That way you save energy on heating two pans of water.

Drain out the pasta saving a few spoons of the starchy water. Bring together the pieces – pasta, broccoli pesto, and the white beans in the pepper and tomato sauce – stir in the starchy water and some more virgin olive oil. Finally add some more salt to taste.

Stir the ingredients briskly so that the ingredients get a chance to mingle. Keep the pasta over low heat for a minute or two.

Serve warm with hint of grated parmigiano reggiano cheese.


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