Child in a sweet shop

I always loved pulses. One of my fond food memories is my motherĀ  bringing me a small cup of freshly boiled red lentils with pinch of salt and a drop of mustard oil. Over the years however I have grown an unhealthy or may be a healthy obsession for pulses and beans. However I also realize thatĀ  most of these beans are sourced from all over the world and they travel a lot of miles before they get a place in our kitchen. So when I found an online shop selling British grown beans I was like a proverbial child in a sweet shop. And when the parcel arrived with a handwritten note from the owner I was “for lack of a better word” uber excited.

I love the name of the shop though I cannot pronounce it. It is called Hodmedod.

Now I have to come out with some recipes for these lovely goodies.

I have been looking for whole yellow peas for a long while now and atlast I have it. Will cook some ghugni with these.

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