Simple but the Best Bread I have ever made

I have never used stone ground flour but have heard much about it. I have to stay I did not believe a lot of it. I was not convinced that in a blind tasting one would be able to find out the difference between a bread made out of stone ground flour or industrially milled flour.

In my blog on Child in a sweet shop I mentioned buying from an online store Hodmedod. One of the things that I bought was a stone ground whole meal flour. I have since made three loafs of bread with it  and I do not think I will go back to industrially milled flour.

It s not just the end product that is superbly delicious but the process of handling the flour is a sheer pleasure. The flour particles have a lot of character, absorb water very well and is very easy to handle.

I stuck to basics and made the bread out of just 4 ingredients water (260 ml), flour (400 gms) , salt (6 gms)  and yeast 6 gms. I stuck to a simple two proving technique and baking at 220 degrees centigrade for 22 mins. I have been baking bread for a while now but baking with this flour convinced me why it is immensely  rewarding to go back to basics. I have been so inspired by the experience that I risked giving a seminar on baking your own bread to a group of “what kind of loser bakes their own bread” audience. The word on the grapevine is that at least two of them are now converts.

I will end this blog by thanking the visionaries who contributed to making this wonderful flour. I look forward to more.


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