The Bigger The Better

Both A and I love jumbo oats for our morning porridge. These Irish jumbo oats are not available everywhere and we have to go to a special supermarket to get it. The other reason I like it is because it comes in paper bags. 

This porridge is slightly pricier than the oat meal. I am the kind of person who hates paying for brand or cosmetic value so I often wondered whether I am being ,for want of a better word, “conned”. 

Recently I watched a food programme on where else but BBC which was looking at just this – how true are those claims by the so called super foods. One experiment made me feel a bit more assured about jumbo oats. They do have more fibre and do keep you feeling fuller for longer.

The amount of protein however is probably the same in both types of oats and which is pretty high – about 17 gms/per 100 which is not bad when compared to chicken which 27 per 100 or egg which is about 13 gms. 

 The oat is not a complete protein. But hemp is a complete protein and adding a table spoon of hemp to your breakfast will add another 5 gems of protein to your morning meal. I also sneak some more protein into my daybreak by adding some raw soaked groundnuts to the mix.Soaked and cooked groundnuts are delicious.

As you might have figured out I am currently looking at increasing good quality protein in my diet without breaking the bank or the world.


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