Potassium in a Jar

When I was a young girl I avoided banana like a plague ( writing this as I listen to Albert Camu’s plague). My parents pleaded with me and I had absolutely no qualms in refusing to oblige. My mother’s friend said that when I was in charge I would not only eat bananas but even rotten ones.

Alas I am in charge and I peel a banana , eat it and look at the skin and wonder – Wish I could eat that too. So much of good potassium going to waste. I did feed them to my plants and they gorged on it. A pointed that the slugs and snails loved these nutritious food too and I was pushing my plants towards their death.

I accepted that I would just have to leave in on the compost heap and enrich it to feed the plants the next year.

This recipe of creating a chutney from banana peels pops up on my mobile device. I thought it was a joke. We have all read about having to buy meat to make use of last night’s chapati. I was not falling for that. But reading through the recipe I felt that there was no harm trying as most of the other ingredients were cheap and in my store. As always, I convinced my self that the ones which were not in my cupboard were also not necessary.

I did not have any ripe banana and substituted orange juice with lemon juice and it was still just fine.

Five banana peels and a big onion put together gave me two small jars of chutney. We had it with cheese and savoury pancakes and it disappeared faster than I imagined.

The original recipe is by Tom Hunt.

  • Soak the banana skins in water.
  • Boil them in hot water and, once cool to handle, chop the skins .
  • Dice a large onion finely and fry it for 10 mins with salt and chillies until they are soft.
  • Add 1 tbps each of coriander, mustard, turmeric powder, brown sugar. For whole spices 4 cloves and 2 star anise.
  • Add the chopped banana peels and the lemon juice of 1 lemon and cook it for 10 minutes.
  • Cool and store the potassium in a jar for another day.


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