Melancholy Mortals

Charter as written on 24/04/21 by Nilanjana and send for review.

Updated on 25/04/21 by Nilanjana

There are plenty of pleasures of life which make us happy and we also love to laugh. But we are too aware that there are many ways of the world that warranty sadness. Some of them are personal and some universal.

At Melancholy Mortals we assert our right to be sad and lay claim to a safe space to be grumpy.

We could be a secret club but we choose to be open because we believe that unhappiness is neither a disease that needs to be rectified nor a vice that needs to be hidden. We are not killjoys. We are just not overjoyed with the way we find the world.

It is not a confluence of hate and despair but a channel of expression for those haunting anxieties on the futilities of human existence and endeavour.

There will be no hierarchy of sadness and equal empathy will be bestowed on all. It could be the grief of losing the hair of our youth or our helplessness in the face of suffering of the 700 million people still in extreme poverty. It is your chance to voice your sombre thoughts which cannot be classified as optimistic. This is not a therapy session and we will not impose voluble positivity nor will we shower sympathies. It will be one meeting where it will be alright not to smile or not to display a cheerful can do attitude. We will meet every month for half an hour. And if we do not have any sadness to talk about then we will wish each other well and walk away.

As a part of initiation to the club we will pledge to secrecy that what is discussed in the club will remain within the club. We will write up our observations in a general tone. We will talk in Bengali but we will decide on other languages if and when we have members who do not speak Bengali.

Life (according to Joseph Brodsky) – the way it really – is not a battle between good and bad but between bad and worse. We at Melancholy Mortals will not be afraid to accept that life can sometime feel like a losing battle.


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